The SFP works with policy makers at EU level to ensure that tobacco control receives adequate political attention and increased resources at global level. The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control is the world’s first international public health treaty and was developed in response to the globalisation of the tobacco epidemic. The Convention establishes a minimum standard for action on tobacco control. It has been ratified by 180 Parties, as of March 2015.

The SFP follows the FCTC policy developments and implementation very closely and it produces briefing papers called “Spotlight on the FCTC”.

The first issue

was launched on January 30, 2008 in the European Parliament, Brussels, and explains what the WHO FCTC means for the EU.

The second issue

highlights how the European Commission, European Parliament and EU Member States have met, or in some cases failed to meet, their obligations to tackle second-hand smoke, according to Article 8 of the Convention.

The third issue

focuses on the role of FCTC Article 5.3 in protecting public policy from tobacco industry influence.

The forth issue

focuses on the European Commission proposals to amend EU Directives on the rates and structure of taxes on manufactured cigarettes.

The fifth issue

covers tobacco and development policy as well as FCTC Articles 22 and 26, which focus on technical assistance and financial resources respectively.

The sixth issue

focuses on FCTC Article 15 and the proposed Protocol, which will aim to legally commit the Parties to take action against the global illicit trade of tobacco products.

The seventh issue

focuses on Article 14 of the WHO FCTC, which covers tobacco dependence and cessation.

The eight issue

highlights the importance of labelling and packaging as a measure to reduce smoking uptake and smoking prevalence under Articles 11 and 13 of the FCTC.

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