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    With the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world had to prioritise public health and brace for a critical strain on healthcare systems, society and the economy alike. More and more studies and information are highlighting the role tobacco use plays in placing an individual at a higher risk when exposed to COVID-19.

  • SFP joins over 125 organisations in a call to end tobacco advertisement on social media

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SFP Coalition

The SFP Coalition is a network comprising of independent EU and national advocacy organisations with technical expertise in tobacco control policy

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The Smoke Free Partnership is a large European coalition of NGOs that works on EU policy analysis and advocacy, mobilising decision makers to make tobacco control a political priority.


SFP News

SFP News Update: April 2021

Brussels, 30 April 2021: Read the latest policy updates of the Smoke Free Partnership and the Coalition partners.


SFP response to EC Consultation on 'Alcohol & tobacco bought abroad – review of tax rules'

The European Commission consultation focused on updating the rules for tobacco and alcohol bought abroad and improving the misuse of existing cross-border arrangements for such purchases.

SFP News

SFP answer to Roadmap on Fighting organised crime – EU strategy for 2021-25

Brussels, 15 March 2021: SFP provided a reply to a public consultation on a roadmap on 'Fighting organised crime – EU strategy for 2021-25 '. Illicit trade of tobacco is a major source of revenue for Organised Crime Groups.

SFP News

Statement: 70 Tobacco Control organisations are calling for an EU mandatory Human Rights and Environmental due diligence

This year, the European Commission will introduce a proposal for a Directive on mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence for companies as part of its 2021 work plan and the European Green Deal. Under the initiative of the Belgian Alliance for a Smoke Free Society, Unfairtobacco, ASH US, and the Smoke Free Partnership, tobacco control stakeholders came together to work on this important issue.

SFP News

SFP Statement: Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan is the most ambitious roadmap yet to end tobacco in Europe

Brussels, 3 February 2021: Smoke Free Partnership (SFP) welcomes the launch of Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan and its ambitious goals towards a Tobacco Free Generation by 2040. The EU shows ambition and leadership in tobacco control strategies, becoming the largest jurisdiction and one of only a handful around the world with a stated target to end tobacco use.

Partner News

Ukraine increased taxes on heated tobacco products and electronic cigarettes

To prevent the growing uptake of electronic cigarettes and heated tobacco products (HTPs) by young people and reduce the products’ affordability, the Parliament of Ukraine increased taxes on tobacco products (Law 466-IX).

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