New SFP Mythbuster on Tobacco Taxation

Monday, 25 February 2019

SFP's latest Mythbuster is offering argumentation, key facts and figures that disprove six misconceptions on tobacco taxation.

The Mythbuster covers several myths used by the tobacco industry, frequently targeting policy-makers who focus on the issue of tobacco taxation. Those are namely:

- Myth 1: Higher tobacco tax does not reduce consumption

Myth 2: Higher tobacco tax results in more illicit trade

Myth 3: Higher tobacco tax hurts the poor the most

Myth 4: Tobacco tax is a tool of the 'Bully-state'

Myth 5: The tobacco industry pays excises and contributes largely to national budgets

Myth 6: Tobacco tax destroys jobs and harms farmers


Interested to know how to counter these false arguments? Download the SFP Mythbuster below.

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