Swedish Tobaksfakta giving extra emphasis to information on new tobacco regulations

Thursday, 01 December 2016

Stockholm - SFP's Coalition partner Tobaksfakta have received funds from the Public Health Agency for a project that will help to increase public knowledge and awareness of important news in the Tobacco Act.

On 20 May this year, the new arrangements came into force. The amendments are the result of Sweden, as well as other member countries, carrying out the EU's new Tobacco Products Directive. The same, or similar, legislative changes are being implemented across the EU. The aim is to reduce tobacco use and the great damage it brings.

For the new rules to get as effective as possible, it is important that they be recognized and that the public knowledge of the health reasons behind the European Directive and subsequent amendments. Therefore launching Tobaksfakta - independent think tank, supported by the Public Health Agency, a project to inform target audiences about the changes.

  • Large health warnings with the combination of image and text are lifted in the Tobacco Convention guidelines as an important measure among others to protect, not least young people against harmful effects of tobacco. It is also the background to the EU decision that Sweden now follow, says Ewy Thörnqvist, Secretary General, Tobaksfakta.
  • That all gets knowledge of the changes now taking place are also in line with the Tobacco Convention, which establishes the right of everyone to information on the harmful effects of tobacco and the tobacco industry's practices.
  • A project manager / communicator has been recruited for the six months leading special effort, in which various types of information will be produced and disseminated in a variety of channels.

For more information please visit the Tobaksfakta website here

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