#SmokeThis campaign launched by Cancer Research UK

Sunday, 02 November 2014

Cancer Research UK, one of SFP’s partners, has launched a new campaign that is shining a spotlight on the tobacco industry.

With 700,000 tobacco consumers dying every year from smoking related diseases across Europe, the tobacco industry sustains itself by recruiting new smokers, and makes more money than Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Microsoft combined in the process. The international tobacco industry rakes in around £30 billion (€37 billion) annually which is the equivalent of £6000 per smoking-related death.

Launched by Cancer Research UK, the #SmokeThis campaign is working to raise awareness among 15-24 year olds of the tobacco industry’s practices and profits. The video starring the best of the UK’s social media talent can be viewed here, while protest photos, giving the tobacco industry two fingers, are being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

It is supported by several other UK-based tobacco control organisations including ASH (UK), another SFP partner.

Join the campaign by posting your protest photo with #SmokeThis today.

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