SFP supports EU4Health reaction on the future of SDGs in Europe

Thursday, 07 February 2019

Brussels, 6 February 2019: SFP supported the EU4Health Campaign in its reaction to the European Commission Reflection Paper, 'Towards a Sustainable Europe by 2030'.

While welcoming the reflection paper, the supporting organisations express their regret at it being published so close to the end of the current European Commission mandate. In addition to that, the paper mentions very briefly prevention measures (e.g., tobacco control policies), and does not offer concrete suggestions as to how to ensure that NCDs are tacked across policy areas for truly workable outcomes.

The EU4Health reaction also highlights that achieving the SDGs in the European context and with health in mind, can succeed if only one of the three scenarios in the paper is in place. This encompasses an overarching EU SDG Strategy to guide all the actions of the EU and its member states.

The full text is available for download below.

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