SFP Infographic 2022: Declared Tobacco Industry Presence in the EU Policy-Making Environment

Wednesday, 21 December 2022

Brussels, 21 December:The 2022 edition of SFP Infographic on the Ddeclared Tobacco Industry Presence in the EU Policy-Making Environment is out. 

Tobacco industry interference remains the largest obstacle to the implementation of effective tobacco control policies worldwide. When tobacco industry interference results in delays or policies being blocked, this translates into real lives being put at higher risk of disease and death.

SFP has been monitoring the EU Transparency Register to identify and measure the representation of tobacco industry interests. The objective is to shed light on the human and economic resources of the tobacco industry and its allies, who are lobbying the EU institutions.

The infographic focuses on 4 key aspects of tobacco industry spending, namely:

- direct spending

- consultancy spending

- full-time staff

- accreditations to the EU institutions

It is important to note that this is a conservative estimate of lobbying resources. As it is based on the voluntary EU transparency Register, it does not present an exhaustive picture of the lobbying activities of the tobacco industry. 

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