Wednesday, 08 November 2017

More than 20% of all cancer deaths in the world are attributable to tobacco smoking. Each one of these deaths is entirely preventable through measures of tobacco control, amongst which tobacco taxation has been proveen to be the single most effective intervention. With this rationale in mind, the Prevent20 Coalition aims at uniting cancer organisations around the world to convince governments to reduce cancer deaths by increasing tobacco taxation.

The project is specifically dedicated to the cancer community, designed to facilitate resource sharing within organisations about how to promote tobacco taxation as a smart solution for cancer prevention. Prevent 20 provides organisations with simple and clear resources that can be used to explain the benefits of tobacco taxation, as well as arguments that can be used to persuade governments and to counter the tobacco industry claims.

We believe that it is an important responsibility of all public health organisations to take up the call to reduce tobacco consumption and prevent potential new users from starting. Raising tobacco taxes is the single most effective way to accomplish both those goals and thereby prevent a large number of deaths. Together, public health organisations can leverage their powerful and trusted voices to compel their governments to take action to raise tobacco taxes, make tobacco products less affordable, and use the revenue generated to pay for cancer control priorities such as cancer screening and treatment.

SFP has been working closely with the American Cancer Society in promoting the Prevent20 coalition, and is proud to be one of its 50+ supporters (x) amongst friends and partners from all over the world. We encourage all of our partners to join the coalition and to work with us to help prevent 20% of all cancer deaths.

For more information on Prevent20, visit the website and follow its Twitter page.

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