Call to make all enclosed spaces in Spain smoke-free

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

21 September 2010, Barcelona - A coalition of national and international tobacco control and public health experts, urged the Spanish Parliament to pass legislation to make all enclosed public places in Spain completely smokefree.

At a press conference in Barcelona on 21 September 2010, the coalition advised:

  • They warn against exclusions recommended by tobacco companies that weaken public health protection.
  • They highlight that the ’Spanish Model’ may adversely affect the laws of other countries.
  • They state that a fully comprehensive law won’t have a significant economic impact on the leisure and catering sectors

“Today, national and international experts call on Spanish policymakers to resist the direct and indirect pressure from the tobacco industry and its allies. To protect all Spain’s citizens, smokers and non-smokers, from the death and illness caused by secondhand smoke, they must pass new, fully comprehensive legislation,” commented Ulysses Dorotheo, Co-Chair of the GSP, an international coalition with over 300 members, committed to promoting effective smokefree air policies worldwide.

The press conference coincides with the European Respiratory Society’s “ERS” Annual Congress, which is taking place this week in Barcelona.

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