Pictorial tobacco warnings become mandatory in Malta

Saturday, 14 May 2011

May 2011, Malta - Pictorial warnings on the packaging of tobacco products sold in Malta have now become mandatory.

The warnings have been introduced through a legal notice which was issued in 2009 and which brings Malta in line with EU regulations.

The new warnings will come from the European Commission’s picture library. The warnings will be changed at least once a year to ensure their impact is not softened.

Many graphically show the potential health effects of smoking, while others may urge people to seek help to stop smoking, providing a telephone number they can call.

They replace the text-only warnings which have been standard for a number of years, and will provide a more powerful deterrent effect.

The Environmental Health Directorate within the Public Health Regulation Department warned that retailers which fail to comply with legislation face legal action, and urged them not to accept further non-compliant tobacco products and ensure that all non-compliant stock they currently possess is removed from sale by June 22.

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