Statements and Resources: Full application of the EU ban on characterising flavours

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

20 May 2020: today marks a historic moment - the full application of the EU ban on characterising flavours. The full statement from SFP as well as additional resources are available further below.

Statements and Resources:

SFP Statement, Smoke Free Partnership welcomes the entry into force of the EU-wide ban on menthol cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco (also available as pdf below)

Comité National Contre le Tabagisme (CNCT), Le CNCT salue l’interdiction des cigarettes au menthol

Menthol: a strategy at the heart of the tobacco industry, translated summary in English (available for download below) of the CNCT longer document Au cœur de la stratégie des cigarettiers : le menthol

British Medical Journal, Tobacco industry tactics to circumvent and undermine the menthol cigarette ban in the UK

Tobacco Tactics, Tobacco companies minting it before Wednesday’s menthol cigarette ban

ASH UK, ASH warns that the ban on sale of menthol cigarettes is long overdue as 280 children a day take up smoking in England

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